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San Juan Island Sea Salt

SMOKED HONEY! This stuff is incredible. It is sweet, savory, meaty all at once. We took our raw Upper Left Honey, smoked it over foraged Madrona Wood for about 12 hrs, and here it is! We have loved using it in marinades, in soups and stews, drizzled over sharp cheddar and apples as an appetizer, and even in our coffee. This is a new product that we are incredibly proud of, and hope that you like it as much as we do.

Welcome to our new honey brand, Upper Left Honey! After beekeeping for 5 years here on San Juan Island, we have realized that even with a bumper crop, there is far more demand for high quality, Pacific Northwest Honey than we can even begin to satisfy. So we have started buying high quality raw wildflower honey from beekeeper friends of ours in the Puget Sound area (the Upper Left of the country). We only buy from beekeepers we know and trust and honey that we ourselves love.

NOTE: Like our San Juan Island Honey, all Upper Left Honey is raw, which means it is not heated above hive temperatures and only minimally filtered. What this means for the honey is that from the minute we pour it into the jars it has begun the slow, beautiful transformation towards the solid state (i.e. crystallization). So when you order honey from us in Winter or Spring, you may find that the honey is cloudy or already solid. This is the natural state of affairs. We believe that letting honey express itself and being willing to enjoy the different stages of its maturation will make us all happier honey eaters!

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8.5 oz (1 Million Flowers!)

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